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Advisory Committee

 Professor Dr. Abdallah H. Metwally

[email protected]

 - Naseej Academy General Supervisor
- Full professor at Department of Libraries, Documents and Information Technology, Cairo University, Egypt.
- Knowledge solutions consultant at Naseej.


  • ​Visiting scholar at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.
  • Responsible for the editorial desk for various well-known library and information journals.
  • Supervised many thesis students in Arab and foreign universities. Has wide experience in leading and executing various projects and workshops in the library and information science field, and in strategic planning and knowledge management sectors in GCC countries. These projects and workshops have been implemented in universities, the private sector, ministries and other government organizations.
  • Interested in R&D in many areas, such as: information systems, collection development in academic libraries, digital libraries, and measuring and evaluating users’ needs



  • Ph.D., Library and Information Science, with first-class honors, Cairo University, Egypt, 2002.
  • M.L.S., Library and Information Science, Cairo University, Egypt, 1997. Excellent.
  • B.A., Library and Information Science, Cairo University, Egypt, 1992. Excellent.


  • Egyptian Library Association (ELA).
  • Special Libraries Association – Arabian Gulf Chapter (SLA–AGC).
  • Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI).
  • Bibliotherapy Committee, Hospital Division of the American Library Association (ALA); National Association of Poetry Therapists.
  • Second Life Researchers' Listserv (Slrl).


Prof. Metwally has published books, articles and research papers on specific topics, including: teaching biotherapy in school of library and information science; applications of Virtual Reality Systems (VRS) and Second Life (SL) in libraries; strategic planning, accreditation and developing self-study reports (SSR) for academic and special libraries. Samples of his publications include:

  • Directory of Organizations and Associations working in Documentation of Arabic Heritage/Bibliotheca Alexandria, The Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT); supervision Mohamed Fathy Abdelhady; edited by Abdallah Hussein Mohamed and  Amal Wagih Hamdy. Cairo: CULTNAT, 2009. 89 p.
  • Computers and its Applications, by Sha​​hin, Sherif, Abdallah Hussien Metwally, Amal Wagih Hamdy. Cairo: S. Shahin, 2007. 209 p.
  • Principles of Bibliotherapy with an Applied Study on Schizophrenic Patients, by Abdallah Hussien Metwally; with an introduction by Yehya el-Rakhawy. Cairo: El-Dar El-Masreya Al-lobnaneia, 2004. 275 p.
  • A Bibliographical Guide to Thesis approved by the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University: From 1914 to May 1996, by Hashem F. Sayyes, Nasser M. Abdul-Rahman, Mohamed S. Ghonaim and Abd Allah H. Metwally; supervised by Hishmat Kasem. Cairo: Academic Publishing Unit, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, 1996 (2 Vols).

  • The Self-Evaluation Report (SER) Between Selfie shot's credibility & Magic Mirror's deception: An Analytical comparison study for a sample of University libraries Self-Evaluation Reports. In: New Trends in Libraries and information.  Vol. 24, No. 47 (January 2017), pp. 11– 55.
  • Booksellers and adopting acquisitional and selling policies and strategies to gain more Profitability Barnes & Noble, Inc. as a case study. In: New Trends in Libraries and information. Vol. 23, No. 45 (January 2016), pp. 155–238. 
  • The necessity of relying on standards in university libraries. Naseej blog for libray and information. February 2015. Link 
  • LibQUAL+®; A standard tool to measure the extent of user satisfaction with library services, quantitatively. Naseej blog for library and information. April 2015. Link
  •  Conspectus; A Disciplined methodology to analysis and assess university library collection.  Naseej blog for library and information. May 2015. Link
  • Reading within the content of national plans and strategies of technology, information and knowledge in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Naseej blog for library and information. April 2014. Link
  • Identity issue in the Second Life (SL) and and  its reflection on the virtual libraries services. In Alfehrest.  Vol. 9, No. 33 (January 2011), pp. 11 – 61. 
  • The Floating Library ‘Doulos’ as a model for mobile libraries: An evaluating vision and a suggestion to adopt it in the Arab world. In: Ialam (scientific and refereed journal published by the Arab Federation for Library and Information (AFLI)), No. 8 (December 2011), pp. 73–109.
  • Second Life and its applications in eLearning in library and information science: Monitoring and evaluation of school of library and information science, San Jose State University. In: New Trends in Libraries and information, Vol. 31, No. 1 (January 2009), pp. 125–152.
  • Bibliotherapy: To teach or not to teach in schools of library and information science: an exploratory study in the United States of America. In: Arab Journal of Library & Information Science. Vol. 28, No. 3 (May 2008); pp. 4 – 23.
  • Habib Salamah and Library World Journal. In: Arabic Studies in Librarianship and Information Science. Vol. 11, No. 2 (May 2006); pp. 9 – 32.
  • Arabic Studies in Librarianship and Information Science Index for the first 10 years (1996 – 2005). In: Arabic Studies in Librarianship and Information Science. Vol. 11, No. 1 (January 2006); pp. 223 – 269.
  • Mental health hospital libraries: Reality diagnosis and development suggestions. In: Arab Journal of Library & Information Science. Vol. 24, No. 1 (January 2004); pp. 21 – 48.
  • Reading for "Reading Festival": A study of family library project. In: Arab Journal of Library & Information Science. Vol. 21, no.3 (July 2001) pp.137–154. 
  • Digital Library: An Interview with James Belington, Head of Library of Congress/ Abd ALLAH H. Metwally, Amal W. Hamdy, and Sahar H. Rabie. – In: New Trends in Libraries and information. Vol. 2, No.4 (July 1995) pp. 259 – 262.
  • Virtual Reality System (VRS): A Newcomer needs to be defined. – In: New Trends in Libraries and information. Vol. 2, No.4 (July 1995) pp. 124 – 160.
  • Compact Discs (CDs): Background, definition and applications in library and information field. In: New Trends in Libraries and information.Vol.2, No.3 (January 1995) pp. 99 –122.

Conference Papers:

  • How to Formulate a Strategic Vision for Libraries within the Vision of the Kingdom of Bahrain 2030. In: 1st Conference of Bahraini Librarians.  Al-manama, Bahrain (18 April 2019)​.
  • University Libraries Visions, Missions and Core Values: A comparative study for the structures and content and put forward the standards of formulation and evaluation. In: "25th Conference of Arab Federation for Libraries and Information-AFLI".- Hamamt, Tunisia (28-30 Oct., 2014).
  • Challenges of Digital Content Management in Academia Knowledge from Management Prospective (ppt.) In: The 2011 SunGard Higher Education Middle East User Group (SMEUG) Dubai, AUE, (12 -14 Dec. 2011).​
  • Problem of identity within Second Life and its impact on virtual library services. In: "21st Conference of Arab Federation for libraries and information-AFLI". Beirut, Lebanon. (8-10 Nov., 2010).
  • Transformation from Information Management to Knowledge Assets Management: An evaluative forecasting vision for needs, reequipments and benefits of application in the Arabic Digital Libraries. In: "20th Conference of Arab Federation for Libraries and Information-AFLI". Casablanca, Morocco. (6-8 Dec., 2009).
  • “Storytelling” as an activity in Egyptian public libraries: Mubarak Library as a model. In: “The Arabic Child Conference: His Language and Literature”. Amman, Jordan. The Hashemite University. (21-23 November 2006).
  • Virtual Reality System (VRS): A defining Introduction. In: “The 8th Conference of Arab Federation of libraries and Information-AFLI”. Cairo, Egypt. (1 – 4 Nov. 1997). pp. 232 – 239.

Newspaper articles:

  • Therapy by Reading for everyone: evaluation for Mrs. Suzan Mubarak Family library project: Reading for everyone festival”.- In: Al-Ahram newspaper, (2/6/2000) p.11.
  • The man recorded his Information on stones and polycarbonate. What do you say?. In: Al-Dostor newspaper, (3/4/1997) p.9.
  • Information doesn’t belong to anyone. In: Al-Dostor newspaper, (13/8/1997) p.9.​​
  • With Virtual Reality System (VRS) attacking is not the best way to defense. In: Al-Ahram newspaper. (3/5/1996). p. 9.
  • The Recent trends in Information Technology. In: Al-Ahram newspaper, (5/8/1995) p.10.

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