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 "Future Libraries: Experiences from our Arab World" Webinar


Webinar Themes​

    • Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, Dubai: an introduction​
  • Excellence requires a clear vision 
  • Taking the environmental dimension into account in building design
  • Ensuring effective functionality
  • Making technology-smart investment
  • Evidenced statistics​

​​Webinar​ Speaker​

Ms. Khadija Mohsin   ​​ 

  • Library Affairs Director, Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Ms. Mohsin has 20+ years of experience in libraries and information.
  • Holds an M.A. in Library Science from American University In The Emirates.  
  • Is the recipient of several awards, including:
     - Library Pioneers Leadership Award – Dubai Culture
     - Library Literature Award – Media Regulatory Office, Sharjah
     - Public Librarians Award – Emirates Library and Information Association (ELIA)
     - Ranked #1 in Innovation in Libraries Award – Arab Creators iNELi
     - IFLA Library Award – International Federation of Library Associations.
  • ​Author of a number of literary works, including On Horseback, Trunkless Elephant (for children) and Four Colors in My Heart (for children).
  • ​Honored by many organizations, including: 
    - The Digital Publishing Federation – Sharjah International Book Fair  
    - Sheikha Latifa Bin Mohammed Award for Childhood Creativity
    - Juma Al Magid Center for Culture and Heritage
     - Dubai Digital Authority.

Target Audience​​

  • Information and Libraries Sector: Professionals, researchers and academics​