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 "Virtual Museums: Engaging Experiences for Learning, Enjoyment, and Cultural Heritage Conservation" Webinar


Webinar themes​

  • “Virtual museums” defined
  • Rationale behind the rapid development of virtual museums 
  • Types of virtual museum Sites
  • Characteristics of virtual museums
  • Designing virtual museums: Application examples
  • The future of virtual museums: Opportunities and challenges

Webinar​ Speaker​

Prof. Dr. Dina Ahmed Ismaeel ELsilk

  • Professor of Instructional Technology, Faculty of Education, Helwan University, Cairo. 
  • Reviewer of published research in International Journal of Instruction.
  • Member of the Egyptian Association for Education Technology.
  • Author of the book Educational Virtual Museums.
  • Dr. Dina has published articles and research papers on educational technology, both locally and internationally.