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 "Test Fraud Prevention and On-the-Job Assessments for Organizations " Webinar



Webinar Themes:​

  • Assessment best practice
  • Learning and development (L&D) processes 
  • Identifying test fraud
  • Assessment formats.
  • Assessment use cases and industries

Webinar​ Speaker​

 Ms. Chelsea Dowd 

  • International Strategic Partner Manager, Questionmark.
  • Based in London, with global work experience including China, Brazil and UAE.
  • Has extensive experience with Questionmark, including signing up new international clients and onboarding/supporting global partners.
  • Focuses on supporting institutions globally in a variety of sectors, such as education, government, manufacturing and utilities, to deliver valid, reliable and defensible assessments.
  • Works with clients to create new business processes and to meet digital transformation objectives via Questionmark’s assessment and proctoring solutions. 
  • Helps clients to deliver robust assessments securely.

Target Audience

  • L&D professionals
  • training professionals 
  • organizations looking to improve the security and validity of their assessments
  • individuals looking for additional assessment format options
  • individuals looking to understand fraud prevention measures 
  • certification bodies
  • individuals focusing on organizational quality control and quality assurance.

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