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 "Deriving Learning Outcomes from the National Qualifications Framework" Webinar

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Webinar themes​

  • Introducing the National Qualifications Framework
  • Importance of the National Qualifications Framework
  • Learning fields in the National Qualifications Framework
  • The different levels of the National Qualifications Framework
  • Deriving learning outcomes from the National Qualifications Framework

Webinar​ Speaker​

Prof. Dr. Hanan Alolaiyan 

  • Academic Accreditation Consultant and Vice-Dean of Quality and Development for Quality Affairs, King Saud University
  • Worked as a consultant at the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation, Saudi Arabia, 2011–2020. During this period, she headed 30 ad hoc committees to audit the accreditation of academic institutions and programs in the National Center. 
  • She has worked as an academic consultant for several Saudi universities.
  • She has moderated more than 200 workshops on quality assurance and strategic planning.
  • Dr. Alolaiyan was vice-dean of quality and development, King Saud University, 2005–2011.
  • She was vice-dean of the Faculty of Science, King Saud University, 2004–2008.
  • She has many published works.


Target Audience

  • Higher education institutions:

    - Top management in universities and colleges

    - Academic heads of departments

    - Quality assurance and accreditation managers and supervisors

    ​- Faculty

  • Accreditation and quality assurance authorities
  •  Academic and educational institutions 
  • Interested researchers