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 Naseej Academy Library and Information Pioneers Award

Award Overview

In line with Naseej Academy’s scientific and social responsibilities, and in collaboration with the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI), the Naseej Academy Library and Information Pioneers Award is announced annually. 

In 2021, the Award covered two branches: Academic Excellence and Professional Excellence. 

The Award is designed to honor both pioneer specialists and professionals in the Arab world whose intellectual and professional contributions have enriched the libraries and information studies field by helping to develop knowledge, professional practices and strategic planning.

Both branches of the Award are given to an AFLI member, either individually or jointly with another member, in recognition of their scientific and professional contributions to the libraries and information industry in the Arab world. Naseej Academy in partnership with AFLI, is very keen to honor researchers and professionals alike.

Naseej Academy is a not-for-profit initiative from Naseej (, created to support and develop knowledge and information professionals, and the knowledge community in the Arab world, by offering a wide range of programs, courses and workshops in cooperation with renowned local, regional and international organizations. 

Naseej Academy is a testament to Naseej’s commitment to and support of the knowledge development and library sector across the Arab world. Naseej Academy welcomes this collaboration with AFLI in support of the Pioneers Award

Award Title: 
Naseej Academy Library and Information Pioneers Award
  • First Branch: Academic Excellence
  • Second Branch: Professional Excellence

Award Value

Award Value: USD6,000 (Six Thousand US Dollars)
Each Branch Award Winner receives:
 1. Financial award of USD3,000 (Three Thousand US Dollars)
 2. Shield and Recognition Certificate

Nomination criteria​

First: Academic Excellence:

  • The Award considers the overall performance and achievements of the candidate, who should be a pioneer in making outstanding scientific, research or professional contributions in the Arab world. 
  • The candidate should be affiliated with specialized bodies and professional associations, especially the Arab Federation of Libraries and Information (AFLI), and believe in institutional work and the key role of AFLI in developing the libraries and information profession.
  • Nomination is open to members individually or jointly.
  • Award winners may not seek a repeat nomination.

Second: Professional Excellence:

  • The Award is given to individuals and organizations with distinguished roles in supporting a library in their community in particular, or libraries in general, by their ongoing coordinated financial, administrative, legal, technological, scientific or community efforts.
  • The candidate’s coordinated and ongoing efforts will have had a concrete and deep impact on developing Arab libraries.
  • The candidate’s consolidated efforts will have led to a strategic library-related project that has had a clear impact on their local community.
  • The candidate’s consolidated efforts will have supported the development of programs that enhance the library profession in the Arab world.
  • The candidate will have demonstrated ongoing efforts to globally enhance the role and contributions of Arab libraries.

Organizations Entitled to Nomination:

  • Ministries
  • Educational and research institutions
  • Library and information studies departments
  • Library, information and knowledge associations and societies 
  • Organizations and committees engaged in the information science field and associated activities

Nomination Process:

  • Complete, stamp and send the nomination form, with a covering letter from the affiliated organization, to the Award General Secretariat before the deadline

Award General Secretariat:

The Award General Secretariat consists of:

  • Award General Secretary Prof. Dr. Hassan EL-Sereihy
  • Previous Award Winner Prof. Dr. Mohammad Fathy Abd Alhady 
  • AFLI Chairman
  • Naseej Academy Representative
  • Ms. Clarisse Shebli, Award Committee Member and Secretary

Award Delivery

  • The Award winner is announced during the main ceremony of the annual AFLI conference. 
  • The Award winner is notified before the ceremony.

Award Winners
  • ​2022     Professor .Faten Saeed Bameflih                         (ُKSA)      ( Academic Excellence)​
  • 2022     Mr. Road taher radwan diab                                 (ُEgypt)    (Professional Excellence)​
    • ​2021     Professor . Sherif Kamel Shaheen                       (ُEgypt)
  • 2021      Dr.  Heba Mohamed Ismail                                     (ُEgypt)
  • 2019     Professor Salwa Ali Ibrahim Milad                      (ُEgypt)

  • 2019     Professor Abdul Malik Al Sebti                 ​            (Algeria)
  • 2018     Professor Abdul Razeq Mustafa Younis             ​ (Jordan)​ 
  • 2018     Professor Radia Adam Mohamed Fadl Mawla     (Sudan)
  • 2017     Professor Mustafa Amin Hossam El Din                (Egypt)
  • 2017     Professor Hesham Azmi                                           (Egypt)
  • 2016     Professor Rebhi Elayyan                                            (Jordan)
  • 2016     Professor Mohammad Jafar Arif                              (KSA)
  • 2015     Professor Shaban Khalifa                                         (Egypt)
  • 2014     Professor Hassan Alsereihy                                     (KSA)
  • 2013     Professor Izz al-Din Bou Durban                              (Algeria)
  • 2013     Professor Rebhi Elayyan                                            (Libya)
  • 2012     Professor Ali Al-Namlah                                            (KSA)
  • 2011     Professor Jassim M. Jarjees                         ​          (Iraq)
  • 2011     Professor Hasna Mahgoub                                       (Egypt)
  • 2010     Professor Hani  Al Amad                                            (Jordan)
  • 2009     Professor Mohammed ben Jelloun                         (Morocco)
  • 2009     Professor Nozha ibn Al Khayat                                 (Morocco)
  • 2008     Professor Abu Bakr al-Hawash                                 (Libya)
  • 2008     Professor Mabrouka El M'hirig                                  (Libya)
  • 2007     Professor Mohamed Fathi Abdel Hadi                    (Egypt)
  • 2006     Professor Abdul Jalil Al-Tamimi                              (Egypt)
  • 2005     Professor Abdel Latif El Soufi                                   (Syria)​